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Flotted Cream

A little bit about Flotted Cream, well where do we start...

As a cafe we try our best to cater for everyone, all allergies & intolerances and occasionally the odd fussy eater. If you have visited us before you know that we pride ourselves on making all our cakes and scones in our in house bakery, and offering a great cream tea! After months and months of looking for a vegan alternative to clotted cream to go with our vegan scones, we gave up! There just is not one on the market. So we thought to ourselves, why not make one, how hard can it be? So we set out to make a vegan clotted cream that was dairy, soya, egg, gluten & nut free (to try and cover as many allergies as possible). After months and months of trial and error we came up with the product Flotted Cream, and you guys have absolutely loved it, and we can now finally ship it out for even more of you to enjoy!! Without the support and the amazing feedback from all of our wonderful customers this would not be possible, so thank you!!

So let us introduce you to Flotted Cream: The Perfect Indulgence, Guilt-Free!

🌟 Elevate your taste buds to new heights of indulgence with Flotted Cream—the epitome of guilt-free luxury! Immerse yourself in a rich and velvety experience that mirrors the classic clotted cream but with a compassionate, plant-powered twist. Why settle for ordinary when you can savour extraordinary?

✨ Flotted Cream is not just a delicious alternative; it's a conscientious choice. Packed with flavour and kindness. Indulge with a purpose, knowing you're making a positive impact on the environment and your well-being.

🌿 Versatility is the essence of Flotted Cream. Spread it lavishly on warm scones, drizzle it over fresh berries, use it as a filling for your favourite cakes or layer it on your favourite desserts—the possibilities are endless.

🌎 Join us in this flavour revolution. Take a stand for your taste buds, for the animals, and for our planet. Embrace the luxuriousness of Flotted Cream, add a pack (or 2) to your cart now!! 🛒✨


2 x 150g pots for £13.95
This also includes 24hr postage and chilled temperature controlled packaging

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